Three Is A Magic Number

It’s pretty simple for how the playoffs will work for the Yankees. Toronto’s magic number is three to clinch the AL East and the Yankees’s magic number to clinch a wild card appearance, and a home game, is three as well.

So we know what needs to be done, now comes the matter of doing it, and there is  one big decision the Yankees need to make shortly. When are they going to start Tanaka this week? The latest they can start him is Thursday if they want to have him on regular rest for the Wild Card Game. I suspect they will aim a bit earlier. Starting him Wednesday puts him in line to pitch on extra rest in the Wild Card Game while starting him Tuesday gives them the option of using him next Sunday if that game has turned into a must-win.

While the Yankees count down the days until a playoff clincher, I have one request. Can everyone ditch the ridiculous scuba googles that have become ubiquitous in MLB clubhouses? Champagne really doesn’t hurt that much!

And if you didn’t get the title, I clearly  miss Schoolhouse Rock. I wish they still had something like it for my kids.