Congrats, Now Go And Sweep The Blue Jays

The Yankees did a good job this weekend. They rebounded from a bad Friday and took two-of-three from one of the best teams in baseball. There are lots of things to feel good about, but the schedule simply doesn’t permit it. If the Yankees want to win the AL East, they have to sweep Toronto.

That wasn’t going to be easy, but it has gotten harder. With Tanaka hurt, the trio of Warren-Severino-Nova will start for the Yankees against the trio of Price-Estrada-Stroman- advantage Toronto. And, I think it would be hard to argue that the Yankees come close to the firepower that the Blue Jays’ lineup possesses.

Those are the facts, but it is also a fact that right now the Yankees have a chance to seize a huge opportunity. It won’t be easy, but winning never is.