Look West

A funny thing is happening in the AL West right now. Houston is collapsing and Texas is rising. Thanks to a win last night, the Rangers are now in first place by half a game. They play Houston twice more this week and then three more next week, so things could quickly change, but this has shaken up the wild card picture.

For one thing, Houston would now be the team coming to Yankee Stadium in a wild card game. The Yankees were 3-4 versus them this year, and 2-5 versus Texas. It’s worth noting that Houston is the worst road team in the AL this year at 29-44. So, this could be a good thing for the Yankees.

And, this creates the possibility of a tiebreaker game. If the AL West is tied, Houston and Texas would play a tiebreaker game before playing the wild card. That’s definitely a good thing.

18 games to go.