Wild Card Time

With yesterday’s disaster, the Yankees are now closer to being out of the playoffs than winning the AL East. They still have a four-game lead for a wild card spot, but things are getting tighter and the next week doesn’t do them any favors schedule-wise.

While I will admit that Toronto is a better team right now, I was confused by Girardi’s decisions yesterday, two in particular. First, with 20 pitchers on the roster, why go with Mitchell in the 11th inning of an extra inning game? I understand why you use him before rosters expand, you need length. But in September you have the luxury of using lots of arms. Why not try a short reliever there? Why not use matchups to your advantage? It may not have worked either, but it would have made more sense.

And in the second game, how does A-Rod not play? And if you can’t start him for some reason, why isn’t he your pinch-hitter in the sixth inning with the tying runs on base? Granted Young has been good against lefties, but I’ll take Alex over him.

Just two decisions in a frustrating day.