Bird is the Word

The Yankees are calling up Greg Bird. Now the question is, where does he play?

This is a really interesting move. On one hand, Bird has hit incredibly well and is a highly-touted prospect, so why not get him up here and see what he can do? Furthermore, the Yankees DFA’ed Garett Jones for the second time yesterday, so they didn’t have a true backup first baseman on the roster.

But again, where does he play? He is a first baseman only, so unless you are going to sit Teixeira or A-Rod and let Bird DH, he is on the bench and that doesn’t make sense development-wise.

So, let proceed from the idea that he is going to play, at least temporarily. A-Rod has played every game except one since the All-Star Break, so I could see Bird at DH tonight. The Yankees won’t want Teixeira to play three games on the turf in Toronto, so I could see Bird at first tomorrow or Saturday. After that, I would bet that they send him down again and call up someone like Pirela to cover multiple positions.

That would make sense and since Bird had to be added to the 40-man roster after the season anyway, this is a worthwhile move. The hard part will be if he hits well the next two or three days and then gets sent down. Talk radio will love that, but what else can you expect if Teixeira and A-Rod are healthy?