That Was Quick

So I was thinking about the Ackley move over the weekend and I finally think I understood it. The Yankees were basically saying that while they know Ackley isn’t a great hitter, he is at least the hitter Garret Jones was. That, plus the ability to play defensively at multiple positions, made him an upgrade to the roster. It made sense, after all the Yankees had shown that they wouldn’t pinch-hit for Chris Young late in games when he faced a righty pitcher because they didn’t want to put Jones or Beltran in right. (And this was despite Young putting up a .558 OPS against RHP.)

Now Ackley is headed to the DL and the Yankees are back to where they were before minus their backup for Mark Teixeira. I would suspect this means we will see Heathcott get the callup tomorrow since Young is clearly playing tonight against the LHP (1.122 OPS against them). And I also suspect that if they needed to replace Teixeira due to a DL situation, we would see Greg Bird make his debut. But I am getting ahead of myself. Game 1 with the Red Sox is tonight, back tomorrow with some thoughts on the big debut.