Toronto Gets Price, We Get Ackley!-UPDATED

Ok, I tried to pump you up for this move, but I see I failed. The truth is, I don’t get it either. Let’s examine the good aspects of this deal.

1- Ackley is only 27

2- He is a lefty hitter

3- The price is right, Flores and Ramirez, a lefty-hitting outfielder, and a righty reliever, are commodities the Yankees have a lot of.

But here’s the problem, he isn’t very good.

Now, he was a decent second baseman with the glove until Robinson Cano replaced him there, but he is a career .243/.306/.366 hitter. And while he did play half his games in Safeco, his career road OPS is only .023 higher than his home OPS. (It is worth noting that he has a career .296/.387/.481 line at Yankee Stadium, but that is in a total of 63 PA’s. )  And if he can’t play second anymore, which some scouts suggest, what exactly is his role on this team?

To me there are three possible answers to why this trade was made.

1- The price was low enough (totally agree) that the Yankees decided to gamble on those Yankee Stadium numbers and see what happens. If it works, he is a controllable asset for the next two-plus years. If not, they can non-tender him.

2- This deal is a placeholder for something else. Perhaps Refsnyder is on the move.

3- As bad as Ackley has been, the Yankees feel he is an upgrade over Garrett Jones or Steven Drew. That’s a pretty low bar to set, but you would have to ask why the Yankees would waste any assets trying to improve on Drew when Refsnyder is in the minors and they have guys like Heathcott and Williams who could easily replace Jones.

I don’t know, but I would suspect something else to happen in the next 23 hours before the trading deadline.

UPDATE 8PM- Ackley is joining the team in Chicago tomorrow, so with the trade deadline, the roster situation should be a lot clearer.