Another Roster Move

After last night’s amazing game, the Yankees have DFA’ed Chris Capuano. Before we get to that, let’s talk about that game for a minute. Specifically, how crazy are the save rules that Adam Warren could enter a 19-5 game and earn a save because he pitched three innings? Hey he was great, Moreno was even better. In fact, the two of them pitched 8-1/3 innings of almost-perfect baseball. (One walk was the only blemish) The first ten Texas hitters went 3-for-5 with 5 walks. The final 26 went 0-25 with 1 walk. That’s an amazing reversal.

And now Capuano is gone. He was a signing I was not a fan of in December, and he really didn’t have a role on this club. He wasn’t good enough to be a spot-starter and Joe Girardi had really stopped using him entirely. Over the last month, he had a grand total of 4-1/3 innings pitched.

So good to see the Yankees cut their losses and good to see them add another young(er) arm to the bullpen, at least temporarily. Caleb Cotham was their fifth-round pick back in 2009, a draft that will now have produced six major-league players. (Better late than never as they say.) He has battled injuries and was moved to the bullpen finally this season. From there, he has taken off, dominating AA and AAA, and now he is here.

How long he stays is nothing more than a guess. The Yankees seem to have a plan to make the back-end of the bullpen a fluid thing. So, if they use a bunch of bullpen arms tonight, expect him to get shipped out and someone to take his place. The Yankees have a bunch of decent arms in Scranton, might as well give them a shot.