Round 1- New York-UPDATED

My only quibble tonight has to do with the bullpen management by Joe Girardi. A 5-1 victory seems like an odd place to use your three-best relievers.

I’m ok with using Wilson in the 7th, you want to get through that and the score is only 4-1. I am also ok with using Betances in the 8th. Why not shut them down then and head to the 9th up 4? But, I don’t get Miller in the 9th. The only explanation I can think of is that Girardi is ok using Miller for an inning both Saturday and Sunday. If he isn’t, he mis-managed this tonight.

As a Yankees’ fan, this was a great, great game to watch. Pineda showed why he is the ace of this team and the offense took advantage of some sloppy Red Sox defense.

For the Red Sox, this loss may be more troubling because of Bucholz’s injury. Hopefully, he isn’t gone for long- you never want to see a player hurt.

Finally, the big news on the Yankee end is that Rob Refsnyder is getting called up tomorrow. Boston is starting two lefties the next two days, so it makes sense in the short term, but I can’t figure out the long-term plan. Refsnyder is not the savior some fans think he is, but he is too good to sit on the bench regularly. I suspect another shoe is going to drop soon.

10:39PM- Girardi told the press two interesting things in his postgame press conference. 1- Miller wasn’t going to pitch back-to-back until after the break, so that’s why they used him tonight. 2- Refsnyder is coming up and he is going to play tomorrow and Sunday.

I expect the move is Refsnyder for Figueroa, but the interesting to see will be what happens after the break. Girardi hinted that Refsnyder isn’t a temporary move.