CC The Loogy?

Hardball Talk had a great post today about CC Sabathia’s struggles the deeper he gets into games. You can read it here, but the headline is this Sabathia gets worse the more pitches he throws. Here are the ugly numbers:

  • Pitches 1-15: .234/.294/.404
  • Pitches 16-30: .317/.339/.426
  • Pitches 31-45: .318/.333/.523
  • Pitches 46-60: .333/.357/.718

The average MLB pitcher surrenders a line of .253/.314/.396 so Sabathia really only exceeds that mark on his first 15 pitches. Once he reaches 16 pitches, he surrenders a a higher line, and by the time he reaches 46 pitches he is getting shelled. Add in the fact that righties are hitting .329/.363/.574 against him, and you have the portrait of a typical Lefty Only One Out Guy (LOOGY).

Of course those guys don’t get paid $20-plus million to pitch and that is the problem the Yankees are having. Girardi and Cashman are blinded by Sabathia’s past performances and insist that things will get better. Would a pitcher making say $8-million a year get that loyalty? I highly doubt it.

The thing is, the contract is a sunk cost, the data shows that Sabathia isn’t close to the pitcher he once was, past performance is no guarantee of future results, what else can you say? Last week I suggested that the Yankees come up with an injury for CC and get him off the mound. With the news that Adam Warren is headed to the bullpen, that isn’t happening, but hopefully the idea is starting to take hold within the Yankees’ hierarchy.