Height Matters?

The Yankees made another trade today, getting Chris Martin from the Rockies for cash. Martin is 6’8″, which puts him in good company with the new Yankees’ pitching staff. The Yankees designated Gonzalez Germen, a pitcher they had acquired for cash from the Mets, to make room. Germen is only 6’2″.

Poor Brett Gardner. At 5’10”, he is the shortest Yankee and he gives up three inches to the Yankees shortest pitcher- Adam Warren. The Yankees have the makings of a basketball team with the quintet of Betances, Miller, Martin, Sabathia, and Pineda. Everyone is 6’7″ or 6’8″.

What does the height  mean? I have no clue, but Martin is another guy who throws heat. He has only had a brief cup of coffee in the majors, but he misses bats, a common theme among the Yankee bullpen. (Sidenote- Buster Olney ranked the Yankees bullpen second in MLB today behind the Royals) Realistically, Martin will head to AAA and wait for an injury to get his chance. But, it isn’t impossible that he beats out someone like Rogers for a roster spot.

38 days until pitchers and catchers.