It’s Their DNA

Jon Heyman is reporting the Yankees have reached a deal with Stephen Drew. It sounds like a one-year deal for $5-million with an extra $1 or $2-million possible in incentives. I haven’t seen anything else about this, but Drew is a Boras client and Heyman has exceptional sources with Boras, so I would believe it.

Drew was terrible last year as we know, but a bounce back closer to his career levels is certainly not out of the question at the age of 32. The money is not a lot for the Yankees, but two things about this deal bother me.

1- All advanced metrics show that Drew wasn’t a very good second baseman last year. Now I am assuming he will play second, so that is a concern for me. (I don’t think they are trading Didi, but Cashman has been wheeling and dealing lately.) He had never played second before, so maybe he needed to learn the position, but it is something to worry about.

2- The Yankees had two young guys deserving of a shot to take over the position. Who knows if Refsnyder or Pirela would have worked out, but trying to beat Drew’s 2014 season wouldn’t take much. I am having a hard time seeing how this makes the club better.

And ultimately, wouldn’t it have been better to spend this money on starting pitcher?