Bullpen Depth

Brian Cashman didn’t take today off, trading Manny Banuelos to Atlanta for David Carpenter and Chason Shreve.

Banuelos was once a top prospect, but injuries and surgery derailed him. After he had TJ surgery, he struggled to pitch effectively and he represents a lottery ticket for Atlanta. If he can find his old form, they will easily win this trade. That’s the risk the Yankees have taken to get two very promising bullpen pieces.

Carpenter has been the 8th inning guy in Atlanta and while his 2013 and 2014 ERA’s differed by two runs, his FIP’s were 2.83 and 2.94.  He has a huge fastball, averaging 95-mph and a good slider. He is eligible for arbitration for the first time this year .

Shreve is a lefty who came up at the end of 2014 for Atlanta and has shown the ability to get lots of K’s in the minors.

The Yankees now have a lot of power arms in their bullpen. They can close with either Miller or Betances. They have Carpenter to set things up for those two. They have Wilson and Shreve from the left side and Rogers and Warren from the right. They have some interesting arms in the minors that could contribute as well. The rotation will be full of questions, but the bullpen will be a force to be reckoned with.