Build A Lineup

Let’s say the Yankees are done for the offseason offensively and the lineup is going to be made up of the players on the team currently. How would you slot them 1-9 in a lineup? Here’s my take:

1- Gardner- LF

2- Headley- 3B

3- Ellsbury- CF

4- Beltran- RF

5- McCann- C

6- Teixeira- 1B

7- A-Rod- DH

8- Gregorious- SS

9- Prado- 2B


This lineup provides a perfect balance of lefty-righty bats. It would go: L-S-L-S-L-S-R-L-R. Obviously, if Beltran and Prado hit like last year, you might actually swap them, but for now let’s rely on their career numbers and not their 2014’s. I like Headley in the #2 spot because he has been a good OBP guy in his career and he breaks up Gardner and Ellsbury. If Ellsbury is set on leading off, you could always swap him with Gardner. If A-Rod is finished, I would put Prado seven and play him in RF with Beltran shifting to DH on most days. Refsnyder or Pirela could then hit 9th