Chris Capuano

I speculated the other day that if the Yankees brought back Chase Headley they would shop in “the bargain bin of starting pitching”. So I am not surprised that the Yankees did that today, but I am surprised that the pitcher they chose to do it with was Chris Capuano.

Capuano wasn’t terrible in his 12 starts for the Yankees last year. And sadly, $5-million doesn’t get what it used to, but it seems a lot for a guy who made half that last year, and was released in July. He is also 36, so he is a strong candidate for regression. Furthermore, with the addition of Didi and the retention of Headley, the Yankees have a very good infield defensively. Wouldn’t it make sense to sign a ground ball pitcher to take advantage of that? (Capuano really isn’t one). Perhaps the Yankees are expecting Capuano to straighten out his lefty/righty splits from 2014, when he got creamed by lefties. This move certainly adds depth, but it doesn’t seem to be very good depth.