LA Story

By the time I finish writing this, the Dodgers may have completed another trade. While the first half of the Winter Meetings was about where Jon Lester would end up, the second half have been about the Dodgers and their radical makeover. It seems like they have traded Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon, Dan Haren and others. They have added Jimmy Rollins, Howie Kendrick, and most important from a Yankee-standpoint, Brandon McCarthy. McCarthy came to agreement on a four-year/$48-million deal last night with the Dodgers.

I’m ok with that from the Yankees point of view. McCarthy was a revelation in pinstripes, but those 14 starts are not a reason to forget about financial sanity. The facts remain that until last year he had never thrown more than 170 innings, or made more than 25 starts in his career. He also never struck out guys at the rates he did last year. Hopefully, for McCarthy, 2014 is indicative of a better approach and a healthier career, but I would never have bet four years on that, or $48-million.

But the Yankees could have used someone like McCarthy for their 2015 rotation. For now they have too many questions with not enough answers. This will surely increase the Scherzer drum beats, but hopefully they are too smart for that. We shall see.