Robertson Gone

David Robertson is taking his talents to the Southside of Chicago. He has reportedly agreed to a 4-year/$46-million deal to close for the White Sox. I say good for him, and good for the Yankees.

I really liked David Robertson. He is a great pitcher, and he seemed to be an all-around good guy. But, I don’t like closers or the idea of them. Too much is invested in three outs in the 9th. I much, much prefer a more flexible approach. Once the Yankees signed Andrew Miller, they didn’t need Robertson and they can now adopt that flexible approach. In 2014 Miller was abetter pitcher than Robertson. In 2015 he will cost less than Robertson and the Yankees will get a draft pick from the “swap”. The Yankees are better with Miller instead of Robertson, and Robertson is richer in Chicago. It’s a nice win-win for both.