Winter Meetings Update 1

No big news so far, but here are a few items worth mentioning.

1- Buster Olney says Jon Lester will decide by tomorrow where he is going to pitch. That should get the free agent pitching market going on a number of levels.

2- One guy who didn’t wait is Jason Hammel who went back to the Cubs for 2-years/$18-million with an option for a third year.

3- The Veterans’ Committee did not elect anyone to the Hall of Fame. Quite honestly, I am getting sick of all the debates and whining about the Hall of Fame and who didn’t get in. Today’s flavor seems to be Jim Kaat, who by all accounts is a lovely guy and I enjoy his broadcasting. But he is tied for 386th place in career ERA (old stat) and 375th-place in ERA plus (new stat) is this a guy who should be in the Hall of Fame?

4- The Yankees and Giants are apparently the favorites to get Chase Headley. FanGraphs named him the #1 bargain free agent this offseason. (Brandon McCarthy was second) Pegging him at a contract of 4-years/$56 to $60-million. I can’t wrap my head around that. Headley is a nice player, good glove, switch-hitter, but $14 or $15-million a year for him? We shall see.

5- The White Sox have apparently decided to go hard after David Robertson. There are still people saying the Yankees aren’t out of it, but I can’t see them spending anywhere near what Robertson could get on the free agent market to retain him.

Things should heat up later today as all the GM’s get checked in and going.