Winter Meetings 2

Nothing major has happened so far, but it is worth remembering that it is three hours earlier in San Diego. They may be just getting warmed up.

Here are some story lines that caught my eye tonight.

1- The White Sox are apparently close to getting Jeff Samardzjia. I know an A’s fan and he recently asked me if I understood what the $%!! Billy Beane was doing. I don’t, but I think the guy has built enough of a track record to have the fans believe in him. That being said, Donaldson, Moss, Samardzjia…where does it end and what is the plan?

2- Jon Heyman has reported today that the Yankees are willing to go to four years on David Robertson and Chase Headley. I am not excited by that, but let’s see what happens.

3- Interesting that Ken Rosenthal blew up the Internet earlier with news that Lester was closing on the Cubs/Giants, but hasn’t addressed it since.

4- Jerry Crasnick is reporting that Scott Boras is seeking “multiple years and substantial dollars” for Kendrys Morales. I would think Morales would have learned something from last offseason, but we shall see.