He Lied?

I don’t think there were many people out there who believed Alex Rodriguez when he claimed he had never used any of the PED’s he was accused of using, but just in case, this story should put an end to that. Here’s the key quote in my mind, “Rodriguez gave a sworn statement to the DEA and prosecutors that, between late 2010 and October 2012, he did use substances prohibited by Major League Baseball.”

Just to recap. Alex vehemently denied these charges in public, but told a very different story when faced with the option of perjury.

The question I have now is what happens next? I have already stated that I don’t think the Yankees should let A-Rod play for them again, and this only increases my conviction in that belief. I also think that this news will increase the pressure on everyone to figure out a way to let Alex shrink away out of the spotlight. I cannot imagine he will want to face the press and try to explain these inconstancies, and I know the Yankees won’t want him to attempt to do so with an interlocking NY on his head or chest. I don’t know how it happens, but this should convince everyone that Alex Rodriguez should not be in Yankee camp when it opens in three months.