The Yankees Fired The Wrong People

The news today is that Brian Cashman has a new three-year contract while Kevin Long and Mick Kelleher have been dropped from Joe Griardi’s coaching staff.

I’ve already said that I would not have given Cashman a new contract, but these moves puzzle me. Yes, the offense was bad this year, but is that Long’s fault? Is it his fault the Yankees are old? Is it his fault Derek Jeter played like he was 40? Wasn’t Long the guy who helped Curtis Granderson have back-to-back 40+ homer years? Wasn’t he the hitting coach when the Yankees scored all of those runs? I would have stuck with him for at least another year.

And I have no idea what Mick Kelleher did. He was the defensive coach, and while the Yankees were not especially good on defense, I can’t see how you blame him. Let’s be honest, the Yankees may have had the worst middle infield defensively in their history this year. Jeter was never a good defender and Brian Roberts didn’t help matters. Kelly Johnson at first, a revolving door at third for the first three months…. When you add it up, I can’t see what Kelleher could have done better.