Deadline Thoughts

Let’s start with the immediate picture. Are the Yankees better today than yesterday? I would say yes. Steven Drew has suffered through a terrible start to 2014, but he has hit better of late (.781 OPS in July vs. .360OPS in June) and he is a good defensive player. I know he has never played second, but good shortstops can usually play other positions on the infield without much problems. He is replacing Brian Roberts who didn’t hit and didn’t field, so the bar is low.

Martin Prado is a guy the Yankees have been trying to find for years- a guy who can play multiple positions, but still hit at an average level. Solarte, Nunez, Pena, Nix, they have gone through a number of guys and failed to find a Prado. So he is a good asset to have.

The prices they paid were right. Kelly Johnson had no future with the Yankees. Peter O’Brien has massive power, but also massive holes in his swing from all reports. He’ 24 and has a sub-.300 OBP in AA, that’s a guy who cannot be considered a great prospect. He doesn’t have the tools to stick at catcher and there are questions about his ability to play first or right. In some ways, he is a much lesser version of Montero, so I don’t think he will be missed.

But let’s step back for a minute and think about these moves and the addition of Headley. Basically, they added three infielders  to a team that hasn’t lost any infielders since the season started. (Sure Kelly Johnson was on the DL, but he would have been back next week.) Basically, the Yankees confirmed with those moves what most of us knew all along- they did a terrible job of building an infield this offseason. They didn’t have a backup first baseman when their primary guy was coming back from wrist surgery. They tried to use a guy at second who hasn’t played a full season since 2009. They tried to use Kelly Johnson as something more than a bench bat. These are failures of planning and the Yankees had far too many of them. You cannot blame the Yankees for not being prepared for losing 4/5th’s of their rotation- no team is ready for that hit. But what happened on the infield this season was easy to see ahead of time and should not have forced them to scramble in July. Brian Cashman’s contract ends this season and if I were Hal my first question to him would be what happened in the farm system followed by what was the infield plan for 2014.

We can argue about whether or not the Yankees should have followed the Red Sox plan from yesterday, but we also know they never were going to. Not when they were above .500 and only 3 games out of a playoff spot. Knowing that, the best you could have hoped for was what happened. They tried to improve, but not at the expense of the 2015 Yankees. It is most likely not enough to get them into the playoffs and, considering the upgrades in Oakland and Detroit, nowhere near enough to win the AL. But they get an A for effort. The heavy lifting will come in November.