Thanks for Coming, Now Return to Denver

Troy Tulowitzki came to Yankee Stadium as a “fan” Sunday. At least that’s what some people believe. Others see more nefarious motives behind the move. A large part of me wants to believe that his motives were pure. There is something very cool about the idea that a ballplayer would make a trip to see his childhood hero play one last time. But, it also could have been a message that he wanted to send to Yankees’ management. A message of- I’m ready to take over shortstop when you want me to.

And that’s my fear in all of this. He is a wonderful player, but he is also the type of player the Yankees need to avoid if they are going to build another team sustained for the long haul. For one thing, he will be 30 next season, not old by any means, but hitting the downside of his career. For another, he isn’t a free agent- the Yankees would need to give up significant pieces to trade for him. Finally, there is the matter of the 150-point drop in his OPS when he isn’t playing at Coors Field.

But the Yankees will almost certainly chase him very hard if he goes on the trade market. For one thing, they will need a shortstop in 2015. For another, Tulo is a star and the Yankees need stars to sell those expensive seats. But if they are ever truly going to be great again, they need to take a different approach. They need to build a new core and then supplement it from there. Adding Tulo to a team that is close to a World Series title is one thing, but adding him to a team that is barely .500 is another thing altogether. I hope the Yankees come to realize that.