Chris Capuano?-UPDATED 7/25

The Yankees just tweeted that they acquired Chrish Capuano from the Rockies for cash considerations. I don’t see how this helps, but the Yankees are putting together quite a collection of washed up lefties. Francis, Huff, and Capuano, that’s an interesting bullpen trio for a team trying to convince itself they are legitimate contenders.

But, the Yankees will do that. Depending on tonight’s Orioles’ result, they will be no more than three-games out of first and they are 6-1 since the All-Star Break. More nuanced fans might notice that they are still -27 in the run differential department, but this management team will certainly not surrender this season before next week’s trade deadline. If they can upgrade this team without damaging the future, then by all means do it. But trying to radically overhaul this team under that constraint seems impossible. More power to Brian Cashman if he can do it.

Update 7/25@5:30pm- Good Lord, Capuano is now the Yankees’ fifth starter. He will get the ball tomorrow. This is a guy the Red Sox released at the start of July, the Rockies put in the minors, and now he is a starter for a playoff “contender”?  We really need to come up with a good nickname for the trio of Capuano, Huff and Francis. Any suggestions?