Stand Up And Cheer!-UPDATED

Tonight Yankees’ fans have a chance to show they get it. Tonight Robinson Cano returns to the Bronx and he deserves nothing less than a standing ovation when he comes to the plate the first time.

It’s funny how Yankees’ mythology gets twisted and turned. Paul O’Neill has become a mythic figure. The club won’t give out his number because the fans didn’t like it when LaTroy Hawkins wore it. O”Neill was a great Yankee, but he has been retired for 13 years and nobody seems ready to move on. Meanwhile, Robinson Cano, who put up better numbers than O’Neill did, sees his number given to Scott Sizemore moments after he left the Yankees. That was a classless move by an organization that spends a lot of time congratulating itself on its class.

So it is up to you, the fans going tonight to show Cano what he meant to the Yankees. For 9 seasons he was a wonderful Yankee. Yes, he was silly to say that he felt “disrespected” when the Yankees “only” offered him $175 million. And yes, he left because of the money, but so what? How many of you would stay at your current employer if another one came along and offered you almost 40% more money? Cano made his choice and its too bad he isn’t a Yankee anymore, but it does nothing to diminish what he did when he was here. He deserves your cheers tonight.

UPDATE 7:15PM– Terrible job by the fans booing Cano tonight. They really let him have it. It’s hard to understand how Cano gets booed like that for leaving because of the money, but Ellsbury and others get cheered for taking it.