As The Roster Turns

Well the Yankees had all sorts of roster moves today.

First, Pineda accepted a 10-game suspension. With the Yankees off Monday, that means they will only need to fill his rotation spot once while he is gone. I would assume David Phelps will get that call.

Next, the Yankees moved Nova to the 60-day DL, sent Dean Anna and Preston Claiborne to the minors, promoted Shane Greene from AAA and added Brian Billings to the team as well. With Pineda suspended, the Yankees only have 24 roster spots available. Because of the bullpen use last night, they are going with 13 pitchers (12 if you don’t count Pineda) right now. I suspect that Billings will be DFA’ed the moment Brendan Ryan is ready to go. (sounds like next week). Neither Greene nor Billings is a prospect so don’t expect much good to come from this. These moves are really about having fresh arms in the pen.