One Down One To Go

The sportswriters and radio guys will always hype Yankees-Red Sox, but it’s hard to get overly excited about April baseball. It is simply too early to draw good conclusions. But, I think most Yankees’ fans entered this series very curious about how Tanaka and Pineda would fare in Fenway.

So, tonight’s game was a good thing to see. Tanaka looked like the pitcher we had seen in his first three starts. He pitched his game and looked unperturbed by the atmosphere around him. Other than his start against the Cubs last week, Tanaka has faced tests in all of his starts. Against Toronto, it was a question of how he would fare against MLB hitters in a real game. Against the Orioles, it was a question of how he would pitch at home. Tonight it was his first test in a hostile environment. He has passed each test,  but it is very early.

Tomorrow brings an even bigger moment- Pineda’s first Fenway start as a Yankee. Throw in the pine tar controversy from a few weeks ago, and I am sure the crowd will be on him often and early. Can Pineda continue to pass “tests” like Tanaka has? We shall find out.