Here We Go

We are about an hour away from first pitch and the start of the 2014 Yankees season. If you want to see how big the changes are that the Yankees have made this offseason, consider the fact that Brett Gardner is the only guy who was in the 2013 Opening Day lineup and will be starting tonight. In fact, only three of the guys who were in that lineup are still on the Yankees. You can see the 2013 lineup here, but it is not for the squeamish.

The Yankees also made an interesting roster move today. They have DFA’ed Eduardo Nunez. They needed to open a 40-man spot for Solarte and Nunez was clearly the fourth-best reserve infielder at this point (Anna, Ryan and Solarte were obviously ahead of him)  It’s a bit of a shock as Nunez was once hailed as the future shortstop and the Yankees coddled him immensely. But he simply couldn’t handle the defensive side of the game and the Yankees went with safer choices. The question this raises is what happens in 2015? Nunez won’t be the shortstop and I would bet that Anna, Solarte and Ryan won’t be either. The minors don’t offer any obvious candidates, so I would assume an external candidate is the ultimate answer. So, how about Stephen Drew? He’s still out there and would still be a great addition to this team. Now, with no obvious future candidate, he would be a great addition to the 2015 team as well.

Just a thought, on to the 2014 season!