A Bluff?

The Yankees have made Francisco Cervelli their backup catcher. It’s not a surprise, he was out of options and they certainly weren’t going to release him. But I am not buying it.

For one thing, the Yankees have five catchers on their 40-man roster. That is about two too many and while depth at a position is a good thing, none of those five will be a free agent until 2017. Clearly, the Yankees can’t carry five catchers on the 40-man for the next three seasons.

The reason they need to clear this logjam is that they will start to hurt the development of these guys if they don’t. Austin Romine and John Ryan (Not J.R. anymore) Murphy will now split the catching duties at AAA. That’s not good for either one of them and right behind them is Gary Sanchez in AA. It’s no secret the the Yankees have some infield issues and some bullpen question marks. Turning Cervelli into a solution for one of those issues is a great idea and I suspect the Yankees ultimately will.