Good Move, But….

Let me join the chorus of people who approve of the Yankees signing Brett Gardner to a contract extension. Gardner plays incredible defense, gets on base and can run like the wind. $13-million a year probably causes some people to blink but look at Michael Bourn’s current contract and you can see where this market is. The Yankees now have Gardner locked up through 2018 (2019 with a team option) the season where he turns 35. That’s a solid risk and absolutely the kind the Yankees should take.

But the thing everyone is ignoring in this move is what it says about the farm system. Going into 2013, a picture was being painted of a future outfield cosseting of Tyler Austin, Mason Williams and Slade Heathcott. Austin and Heathcott got hurt and Williams forgot how to hit. None of them have made it to AAA, which means the Yankees really did need to bring Gardner back in 2015.

Now things are getting crowded in the outfield of the future. We know Ellsbury and Gardner will make up 2/3’s of it for the foreseeable future. There won’t be room for all of those guys who were supposed to be the future. Unfortunately, that’s ok because each of them has serious question marks hanging over them. The Yankees didn’t make a mistake signing Gardner, but it is another indication of the problems in their minor league system.