Excellent Point

I have tried on the rose-colored glasses when it comes to the Yankees’ infield and they aren’t working for me. They aren’t working for Joel Sherman as he writes in this piece. I totally agree with it.

I don’t see how anyone can count on Brian Roberts to play even 100 games. Teixeira and Jeter are coming back from major injuries and Kelly Johnson has started 12 games in his career at third. Sherman writes about seeing the tidal wave approaching the city and I think he is spot on. This is a prescription for trouble.

I said the following before the Yankees signed Tanaka:

Now if the Yankees want to stay out of the Tanaka bidding, I am fine with it. I am skeptical at best about his prospects. I’ve heard too much hype followed by mediocre (or worse) results from similar pitchers to proclaim him the savior some people think he is. But if the Yankees do sign Tanaka, they can’t stop there.

The Yankees created a plan to make the $189 payroll goal. They have hemmed and hawed about actually going through with it, but now that they have signed all of their arbitration players, it could be a reality for 2014. If they decide to blow it up, they have to go all in. Tanaka probably gets anywhere from $12 to $18 million a year, so let’s say he puts the payroll at $187 million. Last year the Yankees spent $237 million (that includes benefits) so they could spend $30 million on top of Tanaka and still spend less than in 2013.

Well I was obviously off by a lot on the contract Tanaka was going to get, but  even with the contract he got, the Yankees are still well below last year’s payroll. Stephen Drew isn’t a savior but he makes tremendous sense as an insurance policy for the Yankees. There are other players who can fortify this squad, but standing pat definitely should not be the choice made.