A Very Good Start

Is anyone really surprised that Masahiro Tanaka said his goal is to win a World Championship?  What I thought was far more interesting was that Tanaka stood up at the microphone and said in English, “Hello, my name is Masahiro Tanaka. I am very happy to be a Yankee.” If you have ever tried to speak a new language, you know that takes some guts. And to do it in front of about 200 media members on live TV is impressive. And it didn’t end there.  Tanaka was confident and easy with his answers. He smiled and laughed frequently and he certainly gave the impression that none of the attention is going to bother him at all. We’ll see what happens  if he gets knocked around early, but Tanaka made a great impression today.

Here’s something I never knew until today. Japanese pitchers like to wear number 18 because that is the number given to the ace of a pitching staff. Tanaka will wear #19 because Hiroki Kuroda already wears #18 for the Yankees.

I don’t know if its snow fatigue, but today got me excited for baseball. The college baseball season starts Friday and the first Yankees’ game is only two weeks away. And they go against a pretty good football player no less.