Is It Really Over?

According to the paper of record, Alex Rodriguez has dropped his lawsuit against MLB, the MLBPA and Bud Selig. T.S. Eliot forecasted this when he said it would end- “not with a bang but a whimper”

So we won’t have Alex to kick around in 2014. That much is certain, but several questions remain.

1- Will Alex ever again wear a Yankees uniform?

2- If he doesn’t play again for the Yankees, will he get an offer from another team?

3- How can he drop the suit if he was so “grievously” wronged by this process?

Let’s take it from the top

1-This will be a fascinating battle between the Yankees and A-Rod. I suspect the Yankees will offer Alex a check for his remaining salary when the 2014 season is over. But they will try and escape from the home run clauses in his contract. His first home run bonus of $5-million is due when he hits his sixth home run post-suspension. Clearly, the Yankees don’t want to pay that, but I think they know Alex would certainly attain that bonus in the final three years of his contract. Will they go to court to try and invalidate that bonus?

2- I would say yes. Jeffery Loria needs a draw in South Florida and would be very interested in signing him for the league minimum. But that doesn’t mean he will play for them.

3-  The $27.5-million question if you will. I would guess that the prospect of testifying under oath was a bit more reality than Alex wanted to face. He has a lot of questions to answer if he ever faces the media again, but I wouldn’t expect him to do that. He spent months bombastically protesting his innocence, but he didn’t take the stand in his arbitration and he withdrew his lawsuit after 5pm on a Friday. That’s the equivalent of sneaking out the back door. At this point I am only left to wonder when he lines up his interview with Oprah?

As a fan, I am left to feel empty by all of this. MLB has “won” their war with A-Rod. Alex has been exposed as an enormous fraud and cheat. By dropping the lawsuit, he has given up his last opportunity for redemption in the eyes of the public. But, even with this suspension, he will have made over half a billion dollars from baseball when everything is said and done. Shoeless Joe had to live out his days in poverty after getting banned from baseball. A-Rod can slink off to one of his many mansions. There are no winners here.