I Don’t Know Is On Third

Relying on a platoon of Kelly Johnson and Eduardo Nunez to fix the third base situation is a bad idea. Let’s start with the basics. Nunez is not a good fielder and the Yankees would be asking him to learn a position he has only mild familiarity with. That’s not a recipe for success. But Nunez is a pro at third compared to Johnson. Johnson has a total of 16 games there in his career. Between the two of them, you barely have 100 games combined at third in the majors and minors. Do you really want two guys learning the position in the majors?

But that’s not the biggest argument against a Nunez/Johnson platoon. The biggest argument is that Johnson will be needed to platoon at second. Brian Roberts has not been able to play over 100 games since 2009. Expecting him to be the everyday guy at second is crazy. And, even if you did expect that, Roberts hasn’t shown much ability to hit RHP in the past few years. Platooning him with Johnson makes a lot of sense.

So I expect the Yankees to sign more guys like Scott Sizemore and see what they can turn up for third. And at some point they will look at their pitching. Tomorrow is currently the next scheduled starter.