Ugly Details

The arbitration decision against A-Rod was made public today and it is a doozy. Here’s a link if you want to read it.

I haven’t read all of it, merely skimmed some of the key parts. Here are some key excerpts all from page 64 and on:

“However, at minimum it cannot be disputed that Rodriguez was found to have used three distinct PES —IGF-1, testosterone and hGH — on three separate occasions….” 

“Yet Rodriguez committed the most egregious violations of the JDA reported to date, and engaged in at least two documented attempts to cover up that behavior in violation of the Basic Agreement.”

“The claim by Rodriguez that science exonerates him in this case is not supported by any evidence in this record. It is recognized that Rodriguez passed eleven drug tests administered by MLB from 2010 through 2012. The assertion that Rodriguez would have failed those tests had he consumed those PES as alleged is not persuasive. As advanced as MLB’s program has become, no drug testing program will catch every Player. In this case, the blood testing required to detect hGH or IGF-1 had not yet been implemented in the JDA and therefore was not administered during the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons. With respect to testosterone, the record establishes that during the period in question it was possible for an individual to have passed a drug test despite having recently used the substance….”

I guess we know why Rodriguez’s lawyers tried to keep this sealed and away from the public today.

I saw Buster Olney talking about the case today and he used an analogy which I thought worked really well. A-Rod keeps doubling down on his hand. He could have probably settled this back in spring by accepting a 50-game suspension. He didn’t and kept going. The length of the suspension kept increasing, but the option was still there and he didn’t take a deal. When the decision came out, he could have accepted it, closed the book on all of this, apologized and try to move on, but he went the lawsuit route. Since I saw Olney’s report, this document has come out. Alex’s reputation takes another hit as people can read the thinking behind the arbitration decision. Clearly, Alex is “all in” on the fighting strategy at this point, but sooner or later you simply go broke. Every time I think it can’t get worse for Alex it does. I would hope someone who has a brain is advising him to really think about testifying about all of this under oath because as bad as this is, he isn’t facing criminal prosecution- yet.