Tonight He Speaks!

Tony Bosch will be on 60 Minutes tonight revealing his side of the A-Rod saga. It should be interesting viewing and I will post a summary and some thoughts afterwards.

A few more notes on this whole situation.

First, here is a link to a good summary of the legal situation with Alex. Short version, it doesn’t sound good for him.

It’s hard to say A-Rod won anything yesterday, but he did “win” almost $8-million. Remember, he was originally suspended for 211 games. If he had accepted that decision in July, or if that decision had been upheld, he would have had to forfeit the salary he earned from when the suspension was handed down. By suspending him for the 2014 season, the arbitrator lets him keep that money, almost $8-million.

The Spring Training saga is a real mess and a loophole I don’t understand. To participate in Spring Training, you either need to be on the 40-man roster or be invited. A-Rod is no longer on the 40-man roster and the Yankees are certainly not inviting him, so how can he be part of Spring Training?

The more I think about what happens from here, the more convinced I am that Alex has two goals going forward. The first is to get as much money back as he can. While everyone is focused on the legal bills he is racking up, it’s important to remember that he has made back that $8-million and he stands to lose $27.5 million for 2014 unless he can get that changed. I am sure the bills are high, but they aren’t that high.

I believe his second goal is to get the Yankees to cut him a check and release him. I believe Alex wants to play baseball again, but I would bet anything that he wants to do it in a quieter place, say South Florida. If the Yankees cut him, they end the Spring Training issue and Alex gets $61-million. (People seem to think the Yankees could buy him out, but why would Alex do that? The only buyout I could see him accepting would be a slight discount to the money owed him if it was paid now. Otherwise, he has no financial incentive to take anything less that what he is owed.) He could then try to get another team to give him a roster spot for the league minimum. I bet the Marlins with all of their troubles would be interested in bringing him in. He is from Miami and his presence would certainly bring some additional customers to the ballpark.

Back later tonight after 60 Minutes