60 Minutes Thoughts

If you didn’t see the interview tonight, I encourage you to read it/watch it here.

The thing that is absolutely clear to me once again is that the dopers will always have the upper hand in their contest with the testers. They will always come up with new and ingenious ways to beat the testers. Tonight I learned that there are now testosterone lozenges which you can take during a game and still beat a steroids test administered right after the game ends. Short of in-game testing, (and good luck getting the MLBPA to sign off on that) I don’t know how you expose that level of cheating. As a sports fan, that really bothers me because we can’t assume that what we see happen on the field is real.

After watching Bosch, I see why A-Rod wants to get him on the stand in a courtroom. He comes across as a sleaze and I suspect A-Rod’s lawyers would have a field day with him. But, Alex would also face a pretty stiff examination under oath. Bosch’s text messages with a BlackBerry that belonged to Alex are very, very damaging. Furthermore, would Alex want to answer questions like “Have you ever taken a steroid lozenge?” or “Did you ever give blood to Anthony Bosch?” under oath?

I find it ridiculous that Bud Selig is willing to sit down with 60 Minutes, but wouldn’t testify at A-Rod’s arbitration hearing. The Commissioner of Baseball should not be taking curtain calls. Since the owners forced out Fay Vincent, the Commissioners’ Office has turned into a joke. When Selig gets enshrined in the Hall of Fame (and sadly he will) I hope that nobody shows up.

It’s tempting to go from there and declare a pox on both houses, but MLB’s dive into the mud is a direct response to the garbage that has infiltrated the game. You won’t find any heroes in this story, but I can’t fault MLB for going after it.