Congrats Joe

Joe Torre was elected to the Hall of Fame today along with Tony LaRussa and Bobby Cox. Joe probably should have gotten into the Hall of Fame based on his playing statistics alone, but his run as Yankee manager clearly made it a lock. It’s a great honor for a great man.

Sadly, Marvin Miller was denied entry into the HOF once again. The fact that Miller hasn’t made it in cheapens the entire building and the committee should be ashamed of itself. It’s interesting when you look at the names involved in the committee. You would assume that the six former players all voted for Miller. I would also assume that the four owner and executives did not. Let’s assume the four writers who cover MLB were smart enough to vote for him and that means that either Whitey Herzog or Tommy Lasorda or both of them didn’t vote for Miller. That’s a shame.

The process for electing the Hall of Fame has been broken for a long time. Frequent commenter BL wrote a great piece in 2009 about how Greg Maddux should be the first guy to get 100% of the vote. He’s right, but I suspect when the votes are announced in a few weeks someone will have left him off the ballot. I had some suggestions for fixing the process after Rickey Henderson only got 94.8% of the vote in 2009. But as today shows us once again, the Hall of Fame isn’t about deserving, it is about politics.