The Yankees did what everyone expected them to do last night- grab another player on another big deal to make up for the player they lost. It’s not the value of the contract that bothers me. $15 million isn’t a ton of money to the Yankees. It’s not even the length of the deal that bothers me. The Yankees can handle 3 years of Beltran. What really bothers me is that this deal adds to a problem the Yankees already have of too many DH types on the roster.

The Yankees will claim that Beltran is their everyday right fielder, but I don’t know how long that will last. By almost any defensive metric, Beltran was a lousy outfielder last year. He’s 37, so it is very, very unlikely that he gets any better and probable that he gets worse. So, very soon Beltran will be a full-time DH, something the Yankees don’t need with their roster.

Plus, the Yankees now have six outfielders. They will almost certainly cut ties with Vernon Wells and I assume they would be very willing to trade Ichiro if they could (good luck with that). More likely, this leads them to trade Gardner. I think that would be a mistake because there is a strong likelihood that at least one of the trio of Soriano, Ellsbury and Beltran gets hurt next year.

I’m not saying Beltran won’t help the Yankees in 2014, he will. But he doesn’t address the two biggest holes they have which are the infield and pitching. What are the Yankees going to do about those two things?