Some Encouraging News

The title of this piece, “Yankees have no plans to offer Robinson Cano a $200 million deal” is encouraging on its own, but buried in the text is a second quote that should make Yankees’ fans smile- “While the depth of New York’s talks with outfielder Carlos Beltran have been overstated….”

So, the Yankees won’t break the bank for Robbie (good) and may not be as seriously after Beltran as previously stated (great!). In the article, Passan puts the Yankees at 7 years/$160 for Cano and suggests they would increase that offer by $15 million. For me the key is keeping the deal to 7 years. That’s an acceptable length of deal at this point, but any further is really pushing it and risks a chunk of dead payroll in 2020 and beyond.

George King takes a couple of Brian Cashman quotes and decides that he is pessimistic about the chances of bringing Cano back. I’m not sure I draw that same conclusion from those quotes, but it does seem to corroborate Passan’s article on Yahoo that the Yankees won’t go much higher for Robbie. And buried in the King piece is word that the Yankees have made a $15-million offer for Kuroda. That seems fair and while his second half concerns me, I think that may have been to overuse more than anything. Bringing Kuroda back on a one year deal makes a lot of sense.

And finally we have some interesting quotes from Cashman in today’s Daily News. Speaking about third base and Eduardo Nunez, Cashman said:

“Nunez has options. He’d be a utility player. I wouldn’t want to start him there at that position (third), regardless of how he might feel about it. I’d want to find someone I’d feel more comfortable with. Power is a big component for me at that corner infield position, so Nunez and Brendan Ryan aren’t power providing guys, which is why I would hope to be able to do better than that.”

And he expanded a bit on Ryan saying:

“We were definitely looking for a situation where we needed a shortstop in the event that Derek has struggles again or needs time. We really feel comfortable that (Ryan) is going to catch the ball and make the routine plays and he can run out there every day.”

So the Yankees didn’t think enough of Nunez at short defensively to feel comfortable with him and his bat doesn’t produce enough to play third. That’s a bad combination and while Cashman may suggest he could be a utility player I suspect his time as a Yankee will be coming to a close very soon.