Non-Tender Is The Night

The Yankees have cleared some roster space today. First, they traded Chris Stewart to Pittsburgh for the infamous PTBNL. (The fact that they are actually going to get a player back for Stewart makes me wonder what the Pittsburgh front office is doing). They have also non-tendered Jason Nix, Matt Daley and David Adams.

Nix was an obvious choice since he is arbitration-eligible and the Yankees are bringing back Brendon Ryan. Daley is a 31-year old pitcher who clearly isn’t part of the future. The Adams move is curious however. He wasn’t eligible for arbitration and the Yankees could have kept him on the roster until they needed space and then simply DFA’ed him. I get that he didn’t hit this year, but throwing him away at this point is strange to me unless we don’t know something else that is going on. After all, the Yankees are going to keep David Huff for now, which is very hard to understand.

So, that’s 4 open spots on the 40-man, plenty of room for Cano, Beltran, Kuroda and Tanaka, right?  Right?