Hughes To Minnesota

Reports are Phil Hughes has signed a three-year/$24-million deal with Minnesota. I don’t think anyone who has followed the Yankees is shocked that he has left town, but his destination and deal length are interesting.

Personally, I thought Hughes would take a one-year deal and try and recapture his earlier success. Minnesota is also not the place where I thought he would  end up. Sure, it is low-pressure and a pitcher-friendly park, but I thought he would head to the west coast or the NL.

Hughes will always represent what could have been to Yankees’ fans. We will always think of his near no-hitter in his first start and the subsequent hype that followed him afterwards. He was supposed to be the guy who fronted the rotation throughout this decade. That didn’t happen and the Yankees would be smart to figure out why the potential of Hughes, Joba and Kennedy fizzled into 80 wins and disappointment all around.