Don’t Do It!

Word on the internet is that the Yankees are strongly pursuing Carlos Beltran. So far, they have refused to offer more than a two-year deal, but they are reportedly considering going to three years because Texas and Boston are making strong bids.

This is a terrible idea. Beltran is the epitome of what the Yankees should be avoiding right now. He will be 37 at the start of next season and has had a checkered injury past. Yes, he put up some very good offensive numbers in 2013, but his defense has slipped below average by almost all metrics. (Some metrics put his defense as lousy)  He is projected to hit .277/.343/.473 next year, a certain plus, but the Yankees should not make a three-commitment to a guy who will become a full-time DH soon.

I was never a fan of the Travis Hafner signing, but the idea behind it was a good one. Find someone who can pull the ball and put them in Yankee Stadium for 81 games. Along those lines, I would much prefer someone like Justin Morneau on a one-year deal than Carlos Beltran on a three-year one. Signing Beltran seems more like a move to sell tickets than anything else.