Meet The Mets

Robinson Cano held a “secret” meeting with the Mets?. Is anyone really surprised by this news? Any free agent is going to try and get the Mets involved in the bidding process that’s just smart business. The problem is that it is very unlikely that the Mets are going to bite.

Consider the comment from their GM in the article linked above. It is “unlikely” that they would take on another nine-figure contract. Cano is clearly going to get nine figures, it is just a matter of how big the check is. The Mets have financial issues and attendance issues, I don’t see them as a real threat to sign Cano.

That doesn’t mean he is coming back to the Yankees. Brian Cashman said last week that he thinks Cano is going to the highest bidder and that may not be the Yankees. There is plenty of money out there and Cano could end up in many different locations.

On to real news, the Yankees have reportedly re-signed Brendan Ryan. This is one of those moves that leaves me feeling icky. Yes, Ryan is a very good shortstop (though the advanced fielding metrics call that into question) but he simply cannot hit. The idea of Ryan as a backup for Jeter is ridiculous because good major league clubs can’t give 500 AB’s to a guy with a sub .600 OPS. Ryan could have value as a defensive caddy for Jeter, but only is you are going to carry a maximum of 11 pitchers. Otherwise, the bench spot should go to someone more versatile.