Open Season

So the qualification deadline has come and gone and none of the players offered a contract for 2014 accepted. That means that the Yankees could get three draft picks if Cano, Kuroda or Granderson sign with other MLB clubs.

I’m not really shocked that none of them accepted. Cano is clearly going to make at least 10x more than a $14.1-million deal. Kuroda made more than that in 2013 and he probably could make more than it in 2014. Granderson didn’t do much in 2013, but that was more the result of two HBP than anything else. He will probably get at least $40 million over 4 years on the open market and perhaps more.

So the Yankees are set to pick 18th overall, assuming they don’t sign any of the qualified players from other teams and also no worse than 33rd-25th overall if they lose all three of their qualified free agents.

I sincerely hope they hold onto their top pick and let Granderson leave. That will give them two picks in the top 35 selections of the draft. That will go a long way to helping them rebuild.