The Yankees made three qualifying offers Monday and I don’t think any of them are a surprise. Cano and Kuroda were no-brainers and Granderson was certainly worth the risk. Maybe he takes it, but that would be absolutely fine for the Yankees. I wouldn’t want to sign Granderson for four years, but having him on a one-year deal in his age 33 season is not a big risk.

Some potential Yankee free agent targets were given qualifying offers and the Yankees would be smart to pass on those. I wasn’t a big fan of signing Carlos Beltran before he got a qualifying offer and I would stay clear of him now. Ditto that on Drew, Choo and McCann. They are all nice players who could fit the Yankees well in 2014, but they are not worth the draft pick loss.

But there are a number of players who don’t have a draft pick attached to them and would make a lot of sense for the Yankees to look at.

Start with Jhonny Peralta. The Yankees have to add someone who can play the left side of the infield and provide some offense. Peralta has the bulk of his innings at short, but he has played almost 2,000 innings at third. He put up a line of .303/.358/.457 in 2013. And thanks to his PED suspension, he should be a relative bargain compared to his potential value. Even if Alex avoids his suspension and Jeter returns to short, the Yankees will still need to give them plenty of days off. The Yankees should make a strong bid for Peralta.

Next take a look at Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Yes, he isn’t a great catcher, but he can certainly hit and the Yankees need that. Plus, he is a switch-hitter, something the Yankees used to have plenty of and sorely missed in 2013. Chris Stewart is not the answer at catcher. Francisco Cervelli has never shown much apart from the start of the 2013 season Austin Romine showed some flashes in 2013, but it’s hard to say he is ever going to hit enough to be a viable catcher in the bigs. Gary Sanchez is the future at catcher, but he is probably not going to be ready until 2016. Signing Salty would give the Yankees a solid alternative while they wait for Sanchez to develop.

And finally, how about a pitcher? If the Yankees bring back Kuroda, the rotation is Sabathia, Kuroda and Nova and then it gets dicey. Phelps, Warren and Nuno should be in the conversation, but a proven innings eater would be a big boost. I will develop this idea a bit further later this week.