Go Big Now

While Andy gives the World Series the attention it deserves, I am going to talk about the Yankees and Robinson Cano. We haven’t heard much on the subject, but with the World Series possibly ending tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest, Cano can sign with another club as a week from today.  And, since Cano becomes a free agent immediately after the World Series ends, the Yankees have perhaps no more than 36 hours or so to negotiate exclusively with him.

The Yankees don’t want to bid against themselves, but they also don’t want to give Cano an offer he can shop around. That’s why I would make a really big offer now, but put an expiration date on it.

How big an offer? I’m not interested in paying Cano for eight years, but I also recognize that probably will be the price of signing him. Cano should be a very productive hitter for at least the next four years, and he should still be worth over 2 WAR in seven years. ZIPS puts a fair value of 8 years and $181 million on his next deal. The Yankees could round that up a bit to 8 years/192 million or 24-million per.

That’s a fair offer and one that the Yankees should make. There are things you can knock Cano for, but the fact remains that he is a middle of the order bat who plays a premium position. This is a guy who has proven he can thrive in New York. The Yankees made a mistake not negotiating an extension a couple of years ago, now they are going to have to pay a premium to keep their best player.