A Timing Problem

The A-Rod hearing have been suspended until the week of November 18th. According to sources, the case will resume then with A-Rod’s legal team presenting its side of the case. Since it took MLB 8 days to present their side, it isn’t unreasonable to expect A-Rod’s team to take the same amount of time. Throw in Thanksgiving and the 25 days the arbitrator has to rule on the issue, and we are probably looking at Christmas for a resolution date.

That’s going to be problematic for the Yankees, at least when it comes to the $189-million payroll. Free agents will be able to start signing deals five days after the World Series ends. That’s November 5th right now and I would expect most of the better ones to be off the board by December 25th.

So the Yankees will have to take a calculated risk. They can bid on free agents with the expectation that part or all of A-Rod’s salary gets erased from their 2014 payroll, but they won’t know for sure. And, unless Alex gets suspended for the entire 2014 season he is likely to trigger a home run bonus which will add $6-million to the payroll.

A-Rod, the gift that keeps on giving