The Price of Qualifying

The Post is reporting that the qualifying offer that must be made to free agents is $14.1 million for 2014. The only way to get a draft pick if a free agent leaves is to offer them a one-year deal for $14.1 million.

I wrote about this in August in regards to Phil Hughes. At the start of the year, offering Hughes a qualifying deal seemed a lock. Now there is no way the Yankees can do it because  he would almost certainly accept. But, the Yankees have three players that they should make the offer to- Cano, Kuroda and Granderson.

Cano is obvious, he will turn it down in an instant. Kuroda is a bit more of a risk, but even with his September swoon he posted a 3.31 ERA. And, $14.1 million is less than he earned in 2013 ($15 million) so I am not sure he would accept the offer either.

Granderson is a real risk, but I still think the Yankees should do it.  He missed 100 games, hit .229 and saw his slugging percentage drop almost 100 points, but I bet he will get a multi-year deal from some team. And, if he did accept the offer, the Yankees would  only be on the hook for his salary in 2014. Granderson is only 32 and he hit 43 home runs in 2012. It’s not unreasonable to expect him to approach that total again in 2014 and since the Yankees don’t have any younger alternatives, they should gamble and make him a qualifying offer.