Hal Speaks

Hal Steinbrenner went on WFAN today and discussed the Yankees. Here are some of the points he made.

He wants Joe Girardi back, an offer has been made and he wants the situation closed “sooner rather than later”.

If it comes down to the $189-million payroll or putting a championship caliber team on the field he will put a championship caliber team on the field.

He described A-Rod as one of the best third basemen in baseball and said there was no animosity on the part of the team. He wouldn’t comment on the lawsuits A-Rod has filed, but said the Yankees have a lot of confidence in Dr. Ahmad.

He is disappointed with the talent in the minor leagues and said that the team is working on a plan to make it better. He said they expected some of the younger players to be much better than they were.

He would like to see Robinson Cano come back at a contract “within reason”.

The Yankees are looking at their strength and conditioning regimen throughout the system to see if they need to make changes.